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Ants crawling

Useful Ways to Douse Out a Fire Ant Problem at Home

So you’ve found yourself amid a battle against an army of fire ants. As if the “regular” kind weren’t pesky enough critters, now you have to deal with these more aggressive types that can cause a nasty bite and often crop up more noticeably during the fall and spring. You don’t have to put up

Outdoor cleaning

Different Ideas to Consider for Outdoor Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is something that should be done at least every month to keep your home clean. It’s also a chance for some homeowners to reorganize and declutter. Working slowly and thoroughly is the key to keeping your house spick and span. However, spring cleaning isn’t restricted to the indoors. You will also need to

Working from home

A 3-Step Guide to Setting Up Your Workspace at Home

Working from home is all fun and games until you see a stack of unopened mail that needs to be taken care of, dishes that must be washed, or your pet dog that craves your attention. That’s the dilemma of every worker who stays at home: there’s a diversion anywhere you look. But it’s not

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