Low-maintenance Gardens: Easy-care Gardening for Busy and Forgetful People

Gardening is a fulfilling self-care activity, but maintenance is a seriously complicated task. Plants are sensitive creatures that require regular upkeep, from watering, soil quality, access to sunlight, location of pots, and prevention against pests and weeds. With all care and attention involved, anyone would assume that gardening takes a lot of time. Garden maintenance


Setting Up a Pollinator Garden for Success

Gardening started to gain more attention as a hobby. People started to take an interest in it regardless if they have a green thumb or not. They see it loaded with many physical and psychological benefits. It is an enjoyable activity where a person only needs to step outside their yard. What they can do


Using Your Yard as a Space for Better Wellness

When a prospective buyer goes over property listings, they seldom give much attention to the yard. They will digest essential information, such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms or the kitchen’s size and layout. The age and condition of features and appliances will also undergo scrutiny. The yard can be a factor in making


5 Reasons Why You Should Add A Garden Room

Are you thinking about extending usable space in your priority with an upgrade? A full-pledged sunroom may be a great idea but it can be quite expensive to build in the first place. Why not consider adding an inexpensive garden room instead? Garden rooms (also called conservatories) are worthwhile additions to any property since they

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