How Circular Economy is Curbing E-Waste

Saving our environment is a complex and indispensable task, and it starts with taking responsibility for the things we use and throw away. Quite literally, conserving the world for present

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man inspecting fire extinguisher

Office Safety: How to Prevent Injuries and Illnesses at the Workplace

The safety of employees in the workplace should always be a priority. Although there will always be safety hazards no matter what line of work you are involved in, there are ways you can mitigate occurrences of accidents and illnesses in the office. Safety Instructions and an Evacuation Plan As part of your office’s precautions,

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Working from home

A 3-Step Guide to Setting Up Your Workspace at Home

Working from home is all fun and games until you see a stack of unopened mail that needs to be taken care of, dishes that must be washed, or your pet dog that craves your attention. That’s the dilemma of every worker who stays at home: there’s a diversion anywhere you look. But it’s not

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