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Comfort-improving Home Maintenance Hacks

If you ask anyone to describe their childhood home, it’s often described as “cozy” or “homely”. But if you ask them to describe their current one, it’s usually met with


Does Your Home Promote Wellness?

If the past year has taught us anything, it is the importance of well-being at home. Since we had to spend more time at home than ever before, we finally

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Are You Ready to Move into Your New Home?

We always like to comfort ourselves by telling ourselves that things shouldn’t be as overwhelming as they look. It’s the same thing with moving into your new home. Sure, the

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planning renovation

When To Renovate Or Remodel: The Facts You Need to Know

Homeowners sometimes get confused when they are thinking of doing repairs or upgrades to their homes. One reason for it is that they often mix up renovation and remodeling. It doesn’t help that companies like Serenity Kitchen and Bath offer both. Some think that the two are interchangeable, but that is a common mistake. For those who

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An International Student’s Guide to Apartment Hunting

Student housing or off-campus accommodation? It is just one of the questions that students who want to attend university overseas need to answer. They must weigh their options carefully as living abroad can be expensive compared to their local lives. Fees such as university tuition, daily expenses and living arrangements can be high. Many students

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